RiffTrax versus Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Mega Man and Sonic!

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YES! I don’t have anything else clever to add to this, really. Growing up watching MST3k is partially responsible for me turning out to be such a snarky bastard. The other 90% is genetics.

Things that don’t matter but do anyway – Vol. 1

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I’m going to post a generic, nonsensical list of unrelated links to things I enjoy or at least want to convince people I enjoy in a thinly veiled attempt to seem cool on the internet. I should probably get better tastes first, but I’m not going to let that stop me. All three of the people reading this can scratch their heads in unison wondering why I was let out of the shoebox under the stairs and allowed to do this while I go back to licking the pipe mold I’ve been carefully cultivating for the past two years. Delicious.

First I found actual verifiable proof that Q is still alive and harassing mere mortals. This is a Good Thing(tm).
#($*#&$(*ing Q from TNG is narrating a vidya gaem!

Next, to keep on using old Next Gen references to appeal to the audience of late 20-somethings that all grew up thinking space aliens all have bumpy foreheads but didn’t yet know what a Kolob was yet, here’s the latest episode of TableTop. Instead of actually finding friends to play boardgames with, you can watch other people do it for you. How quaint. I’m looking for someone to do my breathing for me next.

Hey look, it’s the least interesting people from the Guild.

Finally, because my imaginary comedy mentor Mitch Hedberg’s Zombie Corpse taught me that things in threes are funny – Here’s a sweet little sci-fi short by the Corridor Digital people. It’s the first part of Sync.. There’s a couple more out already if you’re interested… Which you should be, because I brought it to your attention and I am perfecter than you. Most perfectest. Whatever.

Free entertainment, just click it already

Bonehead is go.

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This is my first blog post, ever. FEEL BLESSED! Assuming I don’t lose interest and start chasing after a car or a butterfly or some shit, I’ll post more wonderful insights into how amazing it is to be an unemployed loser with an internet connection. Hold your breath!*

*Not responsible for fatalities.